Aboriginal Rangers Program

We take pride in having highly-skilled and experienced technical staff as specialists in cultural heritage, agricultural systems, ecosystem ecology, weed and pest management, landscape condition assessment, land rehabilitation, mapping, riverine systems and repair, community engagement and environmental management systems.

The Aboriginal Rangers Program works closely with Landcare officers who are funded to help our technical staff deliver programs to landholders.


Water Monitoring

The Ranger teams sample 88 sites across the following Catchments each quarter:

  • Border Rivers

  • Maranoa Balonne

  • Moonie

  • Condamine

Artwork by Tanya Kirkegaard

Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Sampling

The Aboriginal Rangers Program team undertake Aquatic Macroinvertebrate/Water Bug Sampling across the same 88 sites in which they conduct the water monitoring. The Water Bug sampling process is carried out annually in May. The Process is as follows

  • Conduct water sampling
  • Collect water sample
  • Over 50 bugs to find
  • Each bug has a score
  • Collect data on a score sheet
  • Add score which gives us an indication of the rivers health

Artwork by Tanya Kirkegaard

Water Ways Assessment

Aboriginal Rangers Program has assisted in the WaterWays Assessments with two Traditional Owner groups; Bigambul and Kooma. Border Rivers, Maraboa, Moonie, Condamine.

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Weeds & Pests

Aboriginal Rangers Program conduct various weeds and pest programs for local Councils, Landcare and Stakeholders throughout the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin area, these programs include:

  • Weed Spraying and eradication (Salvinia, harrisia, cats-claw, tree pear, parthenium an many more)
  • Myna Bird Trapping
  • Pig Trapping
  • Wild Dog Baiting
  • Carp Trapping

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Road Side Clean Up

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Grave Site Construction

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Artwork by Tanya Kirkegaard